Rift Valley Equity Partners is a private investment firm with a focus on the middle market. As long-term investors, we are passionate about growing businesses and building value over time.

About Us

Rift Valley Equity Partners, LLC (“Rift Valley”) is a private investment firm with a focus on the middle market.

Rift Valley’s partners collectively have over 40 years of professional experience in the fields of investment banking, principal investing and corporate law. Our team shares a common vision for building industry leading companies and measure our achievements in terms of long-term growth, not immediate returns.

We partner with companies to build something bigger and stronger, bringing patient capital and an active approach to our investments. As long-term investors, we are passionate about growing businesses and building value over time. Rift Valley will steadily add value by leveraging its resources towards growth acceleration, performance improvement and human capital development.

Why Rift Valley 
  • Dedicated and active approach to investing
  • Transaction expertise and strategic insight
  • Collaborative and results-driven
  • Avoid excessive risk taking
  • Long-term and patient capital
Core Values
  • Accountability – Our capital and reputation are on the line
  • Excellence – We are fully committed to achieving success
  • Integrity – Moral principles underlie our actions
  • Teamwork – Partnership is the backbone of our work
  • Entrepreneurship – To recognize opportunities overlooked by others


Rift Valley devotes significant effort to analyzing industry trends, understanding competitive dynamics and developing relevant expertise and investment themes by sector. We are constantly refreshing our intellectual capital and developing compelling investment themes.

What we Look For
  • Strong market position and favorable industry structure
  • Experienced, scalable management team with aligned incentives
  • Deep, addressable and rapidly growing market
  • Sustainable competitive advantage with high barriers to entry
  • Proven, profitable and sustainable business model
  • Identifiable levers for value-creation
Investment Criteria
  • Up to $150 million of Revenue
  • $5-15 million of EBITDA
  • High free cash flow conversion
  • North America headquarters
  • Control equity investment



Our team, with complementary backgrounds in investment banking, principal investing and law, works together to bring the optimal combination of capabilities and experience to the table. With over 40 years of collective experience, Rift Valley is positioned to pursue investments with great flexibility and speed, moving aggressively into attractive opportunities. Teamwork and partnership are core values at Rift Valley, and we work hand in hand on all investment opportunities to leverage each Partner’s unique skills and knowledge relevant to each situation.


Rift Valley brings extensive experience and resources to help companies assess and capitalize on business opportunities. We understand the dynamics of business transformation through acquisitions, consolidations and internal growth. Beyond providing capital and financial acumen, Rift Valley utilizes its depth of resources and passion to drive results to help companies to grow into industry leaders.